NORTEM MCM Series Products

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NORTEM metal composite materials (MCMs) are known for their versatility and the fact that they are easy to fabricate. It is one of the main reasons why the brand is the go-to source for cladding materials for a variety of businesses that prioritize aesthetics along with functionality and sustainability.

NORTEM MCM Products – What You Need To Know

The products in the NORTEM MCM series are made in a unique manner. Two thin sheets of metal are bonded continuously to surround a thermoplastic core which is light, flat and durable. The metal in the core is made for a particular purpose. For example, depending on the product, it can be made of a fire retardant that is ideal for buildings that are more than 40 feet high. Personalized sizes and dimensions are available on demand.

Sustainable Cladding Products  

NORTEM MCMs are made of recycled material and most stock colors that are used are designed to reflect heat rather than retain it. This reduces a building’s energy use. Additionally, the brand uses a paint system that is die-coated and which eliminates harmful VOCs before they have a chance to enter the atmosphere and do some serious damage to the environment.

It is also worth noting that NORTEM was the first in its category to promote product transparency declarations. The brand has always been responsible which is apparent with its environmental product declarations.


Some of the MCM products the brand specializes in include the following:

NORTEM Cassette panels

NORTEM Cassette panel allows fabricators to create complex forms via a sheet metal brake such as roof caps and accents. Like all NORTEM products, these are also finished with a special fluoropolymer resin which are available in a variety of colors. In fact, you can also order custom colors if the Cassette panel and matching metal flashing are ordered together.

What makes Cassette panel stand out is that it offers an ideal match for a range of MCM finishes such as micas and metallics. This is important since finding a suitable color match for complex forms such as roof caps can be a challenge.


Known for their thin aluminum skins and light weight, NORTEM Graffiti panels are popularly used for signage. This includes printed displays, metal signs and canopies to name a few. The brand offers three different types for different applications namely super lightweight, high performance and architectural.

What makes Graffiti stand out is that it is designed specifically to handle a range of complex forms beautifully well. This includes wayfinding signs, architectural signage, retail displays and even museum exhibits. That’s because these panels are exceptionally flat, stable, rigid and durable which means they keep signage looking great for years with minimal maintenance.

All of these panels are made for easy fabrication via normal woodworking tools. The LT variety is reversible and boasts super thin aluminum skins that are painted with polyester and bonded on either side with a polyethylene core. It is useful for screen printing and graphic films and can withstand exterior loading.

The HP variety on the other hand is coil coated and is painted with a high performance paint that can last for a decade. It is the ideal choice for signage and canopies among other applications.


NORTEM/ACM panels are quite heavy duty and are considered to be the strongest and the most stable materials for panels. These have high tensile strength and possess five times the flexural elasticity strength of the brand’s standard panels. They are also 60% thicker than the standard aluminum skins and like all NORTEM products, are available with advanced PVDF coatings.

NORTEM ACM panels are perfect for exterior cladding for structures that are exposed to extreme conditions. The panels feature aluminum skins that are bonded on either side of a fire-retardant core thus offering immense durability and strength which can last for years. The thickness is the same as for NORTEM’s standard panels.

For more information about NORTEM MCM products, check out the website here.

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