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Best Exterior Metal Cladding for Toronto

Toronto is well-known as a diverse and forward thinking city on the grow, but what’s lesser talked about when we build new skyscrapers is the amount of buildings which have long outlived their aesthetic appeal.
 There are a number of ways to give your home an updated and sophisticated facelift, however many of these come riddled with problems. Wood for example has long been a staple material for our exterior walls, and while beautiful when first installed and painted, it can lose its luster rather quickly. Flaking paint, dry rot, mold, and discoloration are just a few of the hassles that homeowners utilizing this substance have to face, and these issues can come up in as little as 3-7 years!

Toronto Exterior Cladding

 Exterior metal cladding in Toronto is making big waves in the future of aging building renovations. Utilizing a system of panels made from aluminum, aluminum composite, steel, copper, or other metals, any structure whether made of wood, concrete, brick, or even steel can be upgraded with this remarkable product for a sleek, classy visual presentation.

 Panels are made from 100% recyclable materials for those who wish to revitalize their outer appearance without causing more damage to the environment. These panels are created by pressing composite metals together and running them through a high-powered press, melding the materials together, and providing the basic shape. Once this is completed they are then run though a serious of other machines to facilitate the finished project, which can then be pigmented however you like. Once the colour has been chosen it is applied to the metal and baked at temperatures over 700 degrees to seal in the paint and providing a durable finish which can last for decades without fading.

Installing Style and Reliability

When it comes to protecting your most important investment, second best simply won’t do. But what alternative is available which will offer you piece of mind while enhancing your home or business with a modern façade?

The design of Toronto exterior cladding is the secret to its success. Once the panels are built, they are stacked into place inside a furring system (small aluminum bars attached to the structure to hold the panels) and locked into place with a tongue and groove system, which keeps the elements out, and your hard-earned money in. Panels are simple to install and can be performed either by yourself if you’re handy, or a licensed professional who’s had some simple training. If you’re unsure of who to call simply ask the fabricator, as generally they will have a list of reputable companies which are familiar with their products and have already shown fantastic results with other clients. The proof of reliability is in the warranty – the best Toronto exterior cladding companies will offer warranties of up to 40 years, giving you peace of mind that the product will have your home looking showroom new for many years to come.