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Rain-Screen Systems

What are Rain-screen Cladding Systems?

In construction terms, a rain-screen is a method of installing wall cladding in a manner that allows drainage of moisture before it can build up and cause potential damage to the wall. The rain-screen refers to the wall paneling and more specifically how it installed as a barrier against the elements. The wall deflects most of the rainwater that may be present, but a complete rain-screen cladding system will take into account how to deal with residual water and moisture that gets between the cladding and the wall.  Obviously, the rain-screen is a vital element in any new construction or renovation project because of the important function it serves protecting the structural integrity of the wall it is installed on. 
 The most common type of rain screen cladding system creates a drained/back ventilated rain-screen. This system works best when there is a quality waterproofing barrier behind the cladding that will allow limited amounts of moisture to effectively drain away. The ventilation allows any remaining moisture to dry before it can cause any issues.  
 Pressure equalized rain screen systems involve the use of larger ventilation openings between wall cladding. These larger openings allow the air pressure directly behind the wall cladding to equalize with the pressure outside the wall cladding. The equalization of pressure helps to form an effective barrier that prevents water from entering the area behind the cladding.

Metal Rain-screen Cladding Systems

Premium quality metal cladding systems such as Aluminum Composite Panels, Aluminum Plate Panels and stainless steel paneling are available to facilitate the creation of an effective and beautiful rain-screen cladding system. Aluminum is an excellent choice of materials because it is lightweight, easy to install and it provides effective ventilation for rain-screen applications. Aluminum will not rust and it is incredibly easy to work with. In some applications installers can spread each metal panel by as much as 1/16” in order to plan for any potential framing dislocation. Metal cladding panel trims can be manufactured specifically to improve rain-screen facade applications for both looks and functionality.
 The metal panels that are chosen for the project are an important part of the overall effectiveness of the rain-screen, but the top manufacturers are dedicated to providing a full package deal with every element specifically designed to improve the ventilation, thermal, acoustic and fire prevention properties of the installation system as a whole.

Finding the Best Rainscreen Systems

NORTEM Corporation is a major manufacturer of premium quality full package wall cladding systems for both commercial and residential applications. Offering a full line of both Linear and Plug In panels, NORTEM is able to provide exceptional products with the ability to customize the look for any building.
NORTEM is dedicated to using the latest materials, technology and innovating thinking to continually develop facade concepts and cladding systems that challenge traditional typologies. This includes using as much recycled material as possible and providing products that achieve LEED Certification to help reduce the overall carbon footprint.