Why Alpolic Uses Lumiflon Based Fluorocarbon Paint System (Resins) As A Standard?

Building facade
Building facade

Alpolic is known for its extremely high quality composite aluminum panels. The panels are made in Germany, Japan and the US and ever since the company opened its doors in 1991, it has strived to set the standard for quality and innovation in the North American market.

One of the reasons behind the brand’s success is its insistence on choosing colors and finishes that other brands fall short on. Since their partnership with Lumiflon in the US, the brand consistently produces high quality finish MCM that sets them apart.

Why Alpolic Uses Lumiflon FEVE Resins?

Creates Pristine Facades

Lumiflon is considered to be the first ever fluoropolymer resin for coatings that is not only soluble in water, but it is curable at room temperature and at high temperatures. The resins are used as a topcoat on buildings to protect them from severe weather conditions. The result? A pristine facade that looks professional and can stand the test of time and Mother Nature.

Highly Weather resistant

The coating is robust enough to protect aluminum, steel and even concrete from corrosive UV light, corrosion, wind and rain that lashes facades for years. Since the material is transparent, it can also be used to make pigmented as well as clear coatings as per needs. This results in massive savings compared to conventional coatings.

Range of Glosses

The resins can also be formulated into a variety of glosses ranging from high gloss to flat finishes and in more than 200 colors. Additionally, these are also available in countless types of coatings. Some of the popular ones include powder coated, solvent based, environmentally friendly and water dispersing resins.

Environmentally Friendly

Alpolic uses FEVE (Lumiflon) because the resin or paint has little to no impact on the environment. Once fabricated, FEVE resist corrosion and maintain their gloss for years since they are warrantied against chalkingm severe cracking and color changes. These properties reduce the need for a new paint job by twice the industry standard. In fact, it can outlast polyurethane by 40% to 80%! All the options can be viewed on the Alpolic color chart

How Fluorocarbon Resins Work

The secret lies in the fluorine atom. The atom has low polarizability, but has a high electronegative charge which results in carbon fluorine bonds that are stronger than C-H bonds. Fluorinated polymeric materials have amazing insulating properties and are highly resistant to water, UV radiation, oils, corrosion and strong chemicals.

These properties are the main reasons why fluoropolymers are highly durable as protective coatings on buildings and other structures. Their excellent weatherability makes them ideal for exterior application. Out of other fluoropolymers, fluoroethylene vinyl ether (FEVE) is one of the most popular and most widely used in architectural systems.

FEVE (Lumiflon) is produced by AGC Chemicals. Lumiflon’s FEVE is a cut above other urethane or polyster based paints due to its superiority. The material is basically a clear resin that is devoid of the cloudy look that PVDF products are notorious for. This ensures color accuracy and a 70% gloss rate that can make any structure look brand new and pristine for decades.

Additionally, the thermoset resin has a harder finish that does not re-melt resulting in a facade that will maintain its clean and damage free look for as long as needed and maintained. Some of the industries that can benefit from FEVE include:

  • Film coatings.
  • Industrial maintenance

and more industries that are searching for sustainable finish and cladding solutions that will not buckle under the pressure of the weather or corrosion.

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For more than 30 years, Alpolic has finished millions of square feet of MCM with Lumiflon. Tested to last for years and under extreme weather conditions, the resin can last for as long as you are in business if not more. Request a sample today or an Alpolic color chart and see the difference for yourself.